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Leclerc's Martial Arts Reviews

  • Tyler R. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    I started training at Leclerc's last Fall during my Junior year at Marist College. Master Leclerc, his staff, and students, made me feel welcome the moment I stepped through the door. I have trained in martial arts for over ten years, and served as a lead instructor at a karate school on Long Island where I live while not attending Marist. If you are looking for a school that gives a great workout, teaches quality martial arts, and has plenty of opportunities to make great friends- this is the school for you.

    I returned from studying abroad in Italy two weeks ago. I spent four months in Florence and had some of the greatest experiences of my life. One of these experiences was being invited to compete with Master Leclerc and his team in Cardiff, Wales. Being offered this opportunity made my study abroad experience all the more worth wild. I can't wait to return to Marist for my senior year and become more involved in the academy!

    Tyler R.
  • Jonathan V. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Leclerc's Martial Arts is the greatest investment I could ever have made for my family. My four boys and I all train, and my wife does cardio kickboxing. Our time at the karate school has brought us closer then we have ever been. The atmosphere is positive, safe and supportive -- the perfect place for both children and adults to deal with and learn how to overcome challenges of all kinds. The instructors are of the highest caliber and foster physical and emotional growth by stressing the value of character development. I can't imagine a better way to spend my evenings then to train with both my immediate family and my karate family.

    Jonathan V.
  • Steve V. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    State of the art dojos, fantastic instructors, and great group of students. The energy in the dojo is positive, welcoming, friendly, motivating, and very high energy. Whether you are looking for a traditional martial arts experience, for sport, or both, LMA will take you to new heights.

    Steve V.
  • Heather B. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    The instruction is wonderful and the community we have found at LeClercs is like family to our little family. Even mom got into the act! Tang Soo!

    Heather B.
  • Terry L., Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great instructors for all ages and abilities . My 4 year old and wife look forward to going everyday, and my 2 year old can't wait to start.

    Terry L.
  • Cassandra L. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Best karate school around. Great with kids and adults. They have something to offer for everyone.

    Cassandra L.
  • Sun Soo Kang , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Thank you for teaching our class in White Plains at Grand master Byung Min Kims taekwondo this Friday. You are truly one to admire. You and your students and Masters are awesome.We Really had a great time. Thank you for one great class, We really learned how to make our kicks higher. Again TY for being a part of our Family. From Caitlin Sperling (the one with the ankle)

    Sun Soo Kang
  • Vinny F. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Had an awesome time sparring with some talented martial artists tonight. Thank you Master Leclerc and the entire LMA family for the hospitality and workout. I look forward to doing it again soon.

    Vinny F.
  • Jenny M. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome instructions. They work with you at the appropriate level. Going to a tournament with LMA will make anyone proud.

    Jenny M.
  • Jessica M. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Awesome kickboxing class. Thanks for kicking my butt and pushing me further than I have been.

    Jessica M.
  • Tiger C. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    very nice to see you here master leclerc. hope to see you soon my friend.~~Tiger Tang Soo!!!

    Tiger C.
  • Wesley J. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    A fantastic martial art practitioner who produces excellent students.

    Wesley J.
  • Albrie C. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    A wonderful family oriented school!

    Albrie C.
  • Shannon Marie , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    The only place in the Hudson Valley to train! TANG SOO!

    Shannon Marie
  • Derek P., Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Amazing facility, staff, and family oriented! Great group of people.

    Derek P.
  • Wendi R., Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    Positive, friendly and fun studio to train in. Non-threatening instructors who want you to succeed.

    Wendi R.
  • Christina B., Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    They made my grandsons visit to New York one to remember. He loves all of the staff there. They accommodated our one month schedule thank you so much! Robbie will be back next year

    Christina B.
  • Sam F. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    U guys r awesome.

    Sam F.
  • Eileen J. , Leclerc's Martial Arts Testimonials

    They make it fun and rewarding love this shool the instructors are great and so are the people tina I n ed ve r knew you took your son there hit me up on monday

    Eileen J.

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